Voice Connectivity

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a telephone system where a telephone connection is made over the internet instead of a cellular or fixed line service provider.

A VoIP telephone system costs far less for the infrastructure and call costs compared to traditional telephone services. For this reason, many companies have moved over to VoIP systems and save up to 50% of their telecommunication costs.

In addition to VoIP being a popular service to business, many private individuals are also making use of this service to cut their personal communication costs.

VoIP works through IP phones that look like your traditional land-line phones. The other option is a soft phone system. This is an application that is run through a computer or a cellular device that allows you to make and receive calls.

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Included as Standard:

Free Setup

99% Uptime

10 Concurrent Calls per SIP

Management Control Panel

Great features included with all plans

FFG Connection CC provides excellent value for money voice plans. Our voice plans cater for small to large enterprise customers.

Free Setup

Voice services with FFG Connection CC are set up as soon as payment is processed .

99% Uptime

FFG Connection CC is proud to have a 99% uptime.

Full User Support

FFG Connection CC provides full enduser and reseller support. If you need help we are always glad to assist in resolving any service issues.

Website Building Tools

FFG Connection CC provided website builing tools like Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart and my others to get your business started.

Free Domain Transfers

Tranferring your domain to FFG Connection CC is easy. Just submit the request via our contol panel once you have created your account

Managed Server

FFG Connection CC can supply and manage your servers. Please contact sales to discuss your requirements.