On Premis PABX

An On Premise PABX is also known as an IP PABX is a PBX system that is located on-site at your premises. The On Premise PABX system is used to make and receive calls through a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that uses a Truck Line/SIP Lines.

On Premise PABX caters for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording and various other voice and call routing technologies.

For more information about On Premise PABX systems, please contact us.

Included as Standard:

Setup with PABX Purchase


Day/Night Service


Call Recording

Unlimited Extentions

99% Uptime

Management Interface

Great features included with all plans

FFG Connection CC provides excellent value for money voice plans. Our voice plans cater for small to large enterprise customers.

Affordable Setup

On premis setup of a PABX purchased from FFG Connection CC is included in the purchase price of teh PABX.

99% Uptime

FFG Connection CC is proud to have a 99% uptime.

Full User Support

FFG Connection CC provides full enduser and reseller support. If you need help we are always glad to assist in resolving any service issues.